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Penny Pinching US Domestic Airlines Pinching Customers Pockets

As American domestic airlines skimp and pinch to stay in business, we travelers are getting pinched in the pocket. On recent flights around the country, we’ve been on some long flights without food. You are not told until after you get on the plane that there will be no food served unless you pay for it. And the food they include is disgusting. More disgusting than reheated airline food. It is packaged, smoked, dried, tasteless junk food designed to drive up your cholesterol as well as your blood sugar. It is designed to give you a heart attack or put you in a diabetic coma for only USD $3 a box. Yuk.

So that leaves you more experienced on the next flight as you rush around the airport to get some portable food, which costs three to five times what you would pay on the street. While the flight attendants do their best, the plane is filled with fast food trash on the floor, under the seats, and everywhere as everyone departs.

Also, remember the days of 70 lbs (50kg) luggage? Not any more. That’s been slapped down to 50 lbs for domestic flights with threats of reducing it even further. And no excuses. You go over by even two pounds and they will charge you. About.com’s Air Travel News and InFlight HQ both report on excessive charges for overweight and irregular luggage at check-in time, both on US domestic and European Flights. While I understand the airlines cracking down on overweight bags and pinching every penny they can to save on fuel costs, this kind of pinching really hurts.

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