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Delkin Devices New Pop-up Shades for Digital Cameras

Have you been out in the field or traveling with your digital camera and battled with glare on your digital camera’s LCD screen? I HATE that. When we’re teaching classes, people will bring me their digital cameras, asking for an immediate critique of their work before moving on to the next assignment. I twist the camera this way and that and have a horrible time trying to see what I’m looking at.

Well, help may be at hand. Delkin Devices has a new Pop-Up Shade for digital cameras that might be worth exploring if you, too, are frustrated with glare and bad light for viewing the LCD screen on your digital camera.

According to the announcement, Delkin Devices’ Pop-Up Shades are LCD screen protective covers, “which double as glare guards”. They are lightweight and easily added and removed to most digital camera’s LCD screens, covering at least 100 different digital camera models at first with new models coming out frequently if this proves to be a hit. The close up, protecting the screen when not in use for those with no LCD screen covers, and pop up to shade the screen from the glare of the sunlight.

Might be worth checking out.

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