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Photography Technology Helping NASA and Solving Crimes

Reading an article from ZDNet, “How NASA Can Help Detectives”, I ran across some interesting ways that photography plays a part in helping NASA help detectives solve crimes.

With a new photographic laser device developed to check damages on the Space Shuttle, NASA is going to help the FBI to investigate crime scenes. The Laser Scaling and Measurement Device for Photographic Images (LSMDPI) was designed to provide a non-intrusive means of adding a scale to a photograph, which is very useful when looking at an object in space when there is no size reference. But the LSMDPI, which weighs only a half-pound and can be attached directly to a camera’s tripod, will also be used on Earth in crime and accident scene investigations. It also could be used for oil and chemical tank monitoring or aerial photography.

You never know how photography can change a life, as well as an industry.

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