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VanFossens Programs, Workshops, and Courses Schedule

Brent and Lorelle VanFossen offer a wide range of educational programs on nature photography, travel, travel photography, and life on the road. They travel all over the world presenting their programs and you can find a schedule of the current programs here.

For more information on bringing a VanFossen Production program or workshop to your club, group, or association, see Workshops and Programs. For information on what is involved in our workshops, check out our program FAQ. Unless otherwise mentioned, these programs require advance registration as space is limited.

Brent and Lorelle VanFossen offer a variety of courses, not limited to nature photography. Besides nature photography, travel photography, and travel and life on the road, they offer courses on personal safety, writing, business of nature photography, networking, and are frequent motivational speakers. Their programs are easily customized to meet the needs of the audience and group.

The VanFossens have recently left Israel, where they lived and taught extensively for five years, and are currently living in Mobile, Alabama. They are now available to teach within the United States and Europe with advanced notice. They are currently working on their books, Home Is Where Lorelle Is, their autobiographical story of life on the road, and Taking Your Camera on the Road, a book about the technique of taking your camera on the road full-time, part-time, or for the occassionally traveling photographer. If you would like more information on bringing a VanFossen Production to your group, club or association, please let us know.

To bring a VanFossen Production to your group or association, check out our workshop page for more information on available programs and workshops. We are continously adding new programs and updating our old ones. They are now available in the traditional slide show format as well as digital for projection on television or LCD digital projector.

Program Schedule Highlights

The following are a few highlights from some of our recent programs to give you a glimpse at the way we customize our programs for our audience. All of these programs sold out.

Orangatan, photo by Brent VanFossenWild Thing, I Think I Love You: Photographing Wildlife
Tel Aviv, Israel – Take your camera on an adventure exploring the wild side of nature photography. Learn about photographing animals in the wild, in national parks and wildlife refuges, zoos, wildlife parks and game farms. Fun and innovative, this program covers a wide variety of techniques. Optional field trip on Friday at the Safari Zoological Park in Ramat Gan.
Internet Basics: Introduction to the Internet
Tel Aviv, Israel – What is the Internet? The Web? What is a link? How do I find things? What does Yahoo really mean? This is a basic introduction to what the web is and how to get around the Internet.
Internet Tips and Tricks
Tel Aviv, Israel – This 3-hour workshop offers a variety of tips and information for the advanced beginner to intermediate computer user on: Making the Internet more “user friendly”; How to make the process faster; Search engines; Finding the information they want and need; Tips for shopping on the Internet!
Life Makeovers Self Improvement Support Group
Tel Aviv, Israel – Based on the book and series on “Oprah”, using the book, “Life Makeovers” by Cheryl Richardson, we ran a very successful year long support group and workshop program with monthly meetings to “recreate” your life and improve your quality of living.
Quilting: Patterns in Nature
Greensboro, North Carolina – Understanding the patterns in nature brings recognition of such patterns when reproduced in fabric. Lines, shapes, repeating patterns, colors, textures, inspiration from nature compells many a fabric artist to create wonderful landscapes, patterns, and their nature visions in quilted art.

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