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Just Bugging You

I’m not a fan of funny email jokes (seen them 58 times before you did and emailed it to me), videos, and other virtual time wasters. But this one had me going for over an hour. I emailed the graphic to a bunch of my RVing and outdoorsy friends and they are now having too […]

Something’s Rotting in Here

When we are in the middle of stress, sometimes it helps to write, other times, like recently, I sit down at the computer and start to write and tears come and then sobs, and then the dry heaves. So I procrastinate, hoping that time will help me deal with the emotions with more perspective, allowing […]

Dew-covered Spider Webs

You have to get up early in the morning to catch dew on most things, but especially early when tracking down dew covered spider webs. Spider webs are incredibly fragile, yet their construction and structure is the strongest of all structures in the world, even manmade. Inch for inch a spider web is stronger than […]