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Returning After Hurricane Dennis

We arrived very late last night back in Mobile, Alabama. We drove all day from Tunica, Mississippi, just south of Memphis, Tennessee, to get back. We worked into the early hours of the morning to set up the trailer in the dark and get the basics running again. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, […]

Watching Hurricane Dennis from Tunica, Mississippi

July 10, 2005, 1300 CST, Tunica, Mississippi The only reason we have a television is to watch the very occassional decent science fiction show and watch the weather channel. And now, we are glued to the television watching the weather channel. Mobile, Alabama, two days behind us, is now being battered with 2-5 inches of […]

Day Two of Running from Hurricane Dennis

Tunica, Mississippi While driving along Highway 10 heading east, and then up Highway 55 towards Memphis for the past two days, Hurricane Dennis dropped to a category 2 hurricane and then back up to a category 4 and is on track for the Gulf Coast, aimed right between Mobile, Alabama, and Pensacola, Florida. It is […]

Evacuating from Hurricane Dennis – On the Run

We are now sitting in one of the RV campgrounds that we totally loath, but it serves a purpose for us, several fold, and so we shall stay until the hurricane passes Mobile, Alabama, and then we’ll take two days to return back to our little country-home style campground, surrounded by trees, green grass, birds, […]

Evacuating Mobile, Alabama

This is a fast note to all that we are leaving Mobile, Alabama, NOW. We’re almost packed up and I’ll be offline until we find another WIFI note. Posts will still be released on this site automatically (YEAH WordPress), but Brent and I will not be able to get email and such for at least […]

Making a Decision About Hurricane Dennis

If you have been following our life over the past…well, at least the past 10 years that we’ve lived on the road, you will know that where trouble is, we tend to already be planted in the middle of it. We arrive in Israel in time for the millenium and the start of the Intifada. […]