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Are You Still Paying for International Phone Calls?

According to a recent Harris Interactive/Rebtel Research Study, smart phone and web users are idiots and spending money they don’t have to call internationally. Despite the number of free web services available to make international calls, US smartphone owners are shelling out close to $37.8 billion a year to keep in touch with foreign contacts. […]

Worldwide Electricity Guide and Adapter Recommendations

Having traveled all over the world lugging around computer equipment and electronics, I am always desperate to find the right connection for the right country and plugs. To help you find the right plug for the right country and right electricity, Kropla’s Electric Power Around the World Guide helps connect the plugs for you. Remember […]

Know Before You Go: Keep Current – Power on the Road

You know, when they predicted that technology would make our life easier, and that wireless would free us from the cords and cables and walls, I cheered. Now that modern technology and wireless is here, I have more wires, cords, plugins, cables, and needs for electrical sockets than ever before! Switching to digital cameras only […]

Know Before You Go: VAT Refunds

Did you know that as a tourist shopping in a foreign country you can get a refund on the sales tax or VAT (Value Added Tax) on your purchases when you leave the country? You can. With a minimum total purchase, often equivalent to about USD$100, made at a “tax-free” or “tourist” shop, and a […]

International Travel Helpers

International Travel Helpers By Lorelle VanFossen We’re sorry, but in order to view the travel helpers on this page, you must be able to view javascripts. If you need information similar to what we feature here, there are many sites on the Internet to help you. Use an Internet Search Engine and use the keywords: […]

Jerusalem: Just Outside the Walls

There is much to photograph in and around the walls of the Old City. This article is designed to only cover the Old City, but close to the various gates you will find some interesting photographic opportunities. Here is a sample: Jerusalem Cemeteries To the east, accessible through St. Stephan’s Gate (Lion’s Gate), you will […]

Jerusalem: Perspectives of the Old City

There are many different ways of viewing the myriad perspectives of Jerusalem. If there are any specific symbols that represent Jerusalem, among them would be scenic views of the city with the golden Dome of the Rock highlighted, Orthodox Jews with their long beards and black hats and suits, and the Western (Wailing) Wall. But […]

Jerusalem’s Old Markets

The market areas of the old city represent the heartbeat of the area. During the morning and afternoon they are filled with people shopping, browsing, and passing through on their way to home, work, prayer, and social events. Several market areas are worth exploring within the old city. These market areas, many dating back hundreds […]