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Know Before You Go: Guides and Information for Frequent Flyers

The Frequent Flyer program began in 1981 when airlines started giving “rewards” to passengers who flew the most. The miles would accumlate like a score card and when a certain amount would be earned, the passenger would be rewarded with a free ticket. Over time, this grew into a major incentive program hosted not only […]

Know Before You Go: Travel Rumors

Even before September 11, hoaxes, rumors, and gossip about travel and world threats to travel flew faster than most airplanes. These tend to spread fear and even more rumors and gossip. Add to the rumors the growing instability of many US airlines, the threats of airline strikes, bankruptcy, or even suddenly closing their doors, and […]

Know Before You Go: Keep Current – Power on the Road

You know, when they predicted that technology would make our life easier, and that wireless would free us from the cords and cables and walls, I cheered. Now that modern technology and wireless is here, I have more wires, cords, plugins, cables, and needs for electrical sockets than ever before! Switching to digital cameras only […]

Know Before You Go: Paperwork

When we hit the road for more than a couple weeks, we used to have a notebook of papers we’d carry with us. There is a lot of papers you need to take with you when you take your life on the road and we’d rounded up quite a collection. Preparing to evacuate from Israel […]

Know Before You Go: Weather Information and Resources

Weather affects the nature photographer and travler by either offering dramatic weather situations and light to photograph in, or by hampering the excursion. Either way, you need to get out in the weather if outdoor and nature photography is your passion. We have some articles to help you with photographing weather and photographing “in the […]