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Heading North To Michigan Then Seattle

My father’s stay here in Mobile, Alabama, has long past its expiration date and we’re planning to head out of the Gulf Coast towards Seattle, the long way. I’m really nervous about traveling right now as winter isn’t quite over, but he wants to get home and isn’t willing to wait another two weeks for […]

Running Out of Rubbers – Greensboro, North Carolina to Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oh, my, well, we made it to Oklahoma. I don’t know how, and maybe I shouldn’t question it. We made it and that is all that matters. By the skin of our teeth, or should I say by the skin of our rubbers. Not that kind of rubber! Just wait. I’ll explain it all, if […]

Maps, Tracks, and Getting Lost – Asking for Directions

Traveling on the road full-time, asking directions becomes part and parcel of everyday life. While living in Spain, I found the word “there” had a lot of different meanings. This added to the general confusion associated with asking for directions. The word “there” translates into Spanish as alla and va par alla and the list […]