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Aerial Cat Babysitting

In the fall of 2010, I showed up in Dallas for OpenCamp having slept only a few hours a night for the past week. I told my friends that I had been an aerial cat babysitter, hosting the neighbor’s young cat 150 feet up in a tree in my “yard.” They didn’t believe I owned […]

Patterns in Nature: New Growth on Evergreens

In the spring, while everyone is looking at the spring flowers, I’m looking at trees, running my hands over the feather softy new growth on the tips of the evergreen trees. I love how dark green trees suddenly seem to flower with the light green “blooms” on their tips. Within a few months, this slippery […]

Tree Crushes Two Cars Near Laurelwood, Oregon

In the spring of 2007, not long after we moved to Gaston, Oregon, a strange wicked wind storm smashed through the area bringing down huge trees and ripping roofs. I thought we’d left such freaky weather finally behind us. Driving to Beaverton up and over Bald Peak on Albertson Road, at the intersection of NE […]