with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Evening Program – Wild Thing, I Think I Love You – Wildlife Nature Photography

DATE: September 2002
SUBJECT: Exploring the Wild Side of Nature

VanFossen Productions, Lorelle and Brent VanFossen
“Taking Your Camera on the Road”
Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel – The deer moves slowly through the tall grasses, lifting her head to check the air and then lowering it to return to her grazing. You move closer, lifting the camera to your eye to compose the picture…but instead of the soft mist around the deer you see black. Darn, you left the camera lens cap on again! With a curse you snap it off and the deer hears you and bolts, leaving you with a nice scene of grass moving in the mist.

The Tel Aviv Photographic Arts Society and ESRA (English Speaking Residents Association) are offering a unique program on photographing wildlife called “Wild Thing, I Think I Love You”, by popular nature photographers and writers, Brent and Lorelle VanFossen. They are frequent contributors as writers and photographers to many magazines around the United States and England, including Shutterbug, Outdoor and Nature Photography, and Photo Techniques. Their web site, www.cameraontheroad.com, is one of the largest personal web sites on the Internet with over 400 articles featuring tips and techniques about taking your camera on the road and life lived on the road full-time. Before coming to Israel on a temporary work assignment, they had just completed several years cris-crossing North America in their 10 meter travel trailer, covering over 96,500 km from Seattle to Florida to Alaska, and back to Florida again. They took more than 55,000 photographs of the amazing landscapes and wildlife they found along the way. They’ve been in Israel for two years and are continuing their nature photography but expanding into tourist and archeological work as well.

Their wildlife evening workshop will feature creative slide shows accompanied by music as well as their lecture presentation. They will help the participant learn how to approach wildlife, composition, working with the constraints found in various locales where wildlife can be photographed, and a variety of tips and tricks to improve the quality of your photography. The evening workshop will be followed by a day field trip on the weekend, photographing wildlife at the Tel Aviv Zoological Safari in Ramat Gan (fee extra).

The program will be at the Tel Aviv Photographic Arts Society Clubhouse in downtown Tel Aviv. Fee: NIS 90; ESRAcards NIS 80. Tuesday 26th November 2002 19:00 – 22:00. For more information and to register, call Lorelle at 03-696-1890 or visit their web site’s programs, workshops, and seminar information.


For more information on who the VanFossens are and what are they doing as they take their camera on the road, visit their Doing Zone.

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