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Wanna Be Neighbors?

This is an email Brent sent to our dearest friend, Bruce, who lives in Kansas. Brent met him while working for Boeing in Whitchita, Kansas, many moons ago. Brent got a new job in Everett, Washington, and moved there, and a year later, Bruce got a job in Everett, at the same plant – different department – and the two buddies were reunited. One week after moving to Everett, Bruce and Brent were skiing in Eastern Washington and Bruce fell down and totally shattered his leg. Brent looked after him during the long months of recovery and getting about in Bruce’s brand new house. He hadn’t even unpacked! Both of them signed up for the photography program that I was producing and coordinating, which is where I met them. Eventually, the magic between Brent and I couldn’t be held down and Bruce was the proud “announcer” of our engagement and wedding. He was also the best man at our wedding.

Bruce helped us pack up our life, do our garage sales and get our life on the road, and once again, Brent sailed out of his life, but now we stayed in constant contact via email. Kansas called Bruce back with a job offer and now he lives a four hour drive from Brent’s parents in Ottawa, Kansas, where he worked in quality control, his specialty, until he was laid off. After months of searching, he found a job and totally changed careers and life. He now works as a prison guard at the local jail. Big changes for all of us.

Anyway, during a time when Bruce thought he might be laid off (wasn’t) from his jail job, Brent sent him this joking email inviting him to move to Israel where we could all be neighbors again.

– – – – – Original Message – – – – –
From: “Brent VanFossen”
To: “Bruce Groninger”
Sent: Sunday, July 28, 2002 6:54 PM
Subject: Wanna be neighbors?

Hey, Bruce!

A friend at work gave me a job description that he cut from the local newspaper here, and I immediately thought of you. The job is in Herzeliyah Pituach, which is about 20 minutes north of us (in Israel, of course).

Other than the sentence about the Hebrew knowledge, and the issue of the work permit, I think you would be perfect for this. Those problems could be worked out, I’m sure. I think there are a lot of advantages in working for the American Embassy.

I read the description to Lorelle, and we laughed. First, because it seems they’re looking for some kind of superman, and the posting is more a wish list than real job requirements. Second, because it would just be too funny if we ended up being neighbors again, only this time in the Middle East.

Anyway, wish we could see you again soon. Sure was nice (but too short) when you you met us in Tulsa. Tell Wes hi.

Brent & Lorelle


(Typed word-for-word from the newspaper ad. This is URGENT, judging by the application date of Wednesday (Aug 7 or July 29, depending on where you look on the web site).)

The American Embassy Seeks
Administrative Specialist, (Quality Assurance)

Located in the HERZLYA PITUACH area
Open to all local American Citizens
(American Citizenship and ability to work in Israel, either by legal Status/work permit or Israeli Citizenship or Residency must be provided with the application).

Incumbent is a technical expert on quality assurance matters pertaining to specific commodities, such as Aircraft, Mechanical, Electronics, Aerospace, Clothing, Ammunition, Computer Software, Non-Destructive Testing, NASA and Soldering.

*College degree in engineering or other technical/scientific discipline. *Six to seven years of progressively responsible experience in quality assurance surveillance and/or managemnt. At least two of the years should include the use of automated systems for compilation and analysis of data.

*Fluency in written and spoken English.

*Knowledge of and skill in use of computer software.

*Possession of a valid driver’s license (copy of valid driving license must be provided with application).

*Knowledge of acquisition quality assurance, to include familiarity with US and international standards, broad knowledge of complex commodities, contract administration, manufacturing, property administration, safety, and hazardous materials to perform quality assurance work.

*Knowledge of a wide range of statistical methods and graphic problem-solving techniques.

Desired Qualifications:
*College level coursework in business-related areas, such as contracting, accounting, finance, statistics and quantitative methods.

*Prior experience related to U.S. Department of Defense contracts.

*Good working knowledge of Hebrew (spoken and comprehension).

– – – – –

Applications must be in English. Appicants must specify current salary and years of experience in current/previous positions by close of business, Wednesday.

How to Apply: Visit our web site http://usembassy-israel.org.il/publish/employment/index.html

Opportunities to view announcement and to apply online or fax resumes to: 03-519-7605. Applicants must apply to all regulations outlined in our web site.


From the states, Bruce, that fax number would be 011-972-3-519-7605

Good luck, whether you apply or not.


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