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Isn’t It November…yet?

Still warm here. I’m so tired of it. The coolness we experienced for all of 6 hours last week is totally gone and the heat is back. Ugh. I talked to my mother in Seattle for a bit this morning (her evening) and she told me that the first snows have arrived in the mountains and that they might even have skiing by Thanksgiving. ENVY!

Been working hard on the web page conversion to CSS. I ran into a format that should be really simple to create, and it just wouldn’t work. I worked for several hours last night and for hours today, and I just can’t get any layout positioning to work. I posted the layout on the Sizzler Forum, the discussion board for users of HotDogPro, the software I use for designing and maintaining these pages, and asked for help. I got it, but it wasn’t working for me. Some others mentioned other options, but nothing was working. Finally, I posted a new batch of code for someone to really go over and check it and found that a simple two letter code had been left off. Sometimes it is the smallest thing that bites your butt the hardest.

I should be ready to start the clean up of the style sheet code in another day or so. I have to start checking links tomorrow, a task I hate to do. Sure wish it was easier and not so time consuming.

My mother is heading out tomorrow with her husband for a three week cruise in the Northern Mediterranean, visiting Italy, Spain, and down to Gibraltar and ending up in Lisbon. Unfortunately, while she is so close, she really doesn’t have any free time for us to come visit her. I just saw her in July, so it hasn’t been that long, but I miss her. I hope we can work something out to meet somewhere soon. We’ll see. We are planning on going to the states in April for a business convention for Brent’s work, so we will see family then, but it seems so long from now.

While I am working on the web page conversion, don’t worry, I’m still working on my book – mentally. I’m going through the next chapters, editing in my head. I will be back at it the first of next week. These web pages should be ready for uploading by Thursday, if all goes well.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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