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Weblog Studies and Woes

Today the count of spam in my three day old weblog with WordPress is 183. I have installed the spam words filter and spaminator, and these help, but STILL!!! I think these are the left overs from the day before that I haven’t cleaned out of my blog email inbox. So far, WordPress’s Edit Comments shows there are no comments. I’d like to scream at the public for not commenting on my blogs, yet they are just three days old using this software with the commenting capabilities. I haven’t even announced the changes. We’ll see how they work then. But I am screaming at the outrageous uselessness of spam. Total time wasters.

I had a lot of fun playing with some of the various plugins available for WordPress. There are some really great ones. One of the ones I wanted to try shows only excerpts of the post on the first page instead of EVERY post for that year. A click will take you to the blog post itself to read the whole thing, if you are interested. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work and one of the solutions was to get the latest update for WordPress which are called “nightlies”.

Let me tell you here and now, this was a big mistake. I don’t know what happened in the process of uploading the new updates to my server, but the whole thing was trashed in the blogs. So I had to upload the full version that I started with, and then go in and make changes to what I’d already changed on the files that had to be replaced. Pain in the ass. Live and learn. I just wish I’d spend more time learning from others mistakes and not my own.

Once I reloaded the old files, we were back in business. While the movers were packing up our stuff for shipment to the states, I spied on them through the curtained opening into the living room to make sure they were doing it okay (and it seemed they were) and continued on with the mindless task of copying my html blog files, stripping and changing the codes, and inserting them into the WordPress database. I’m getting faster at it, but it is mind-numbingly tedious. There are only a few more left, though I might move over some of my Telling Zone stories so they are all kept together in one set. This is really a sweet program once I figure out the little details.

I am waiting for help on the WordPress and “condensed excerpts” site to help me get back on the road to success with the blogs. Then I can fill you in on more of the details of this process as I learn it.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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