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Eubonics Supported

I’ve mentioned the frustration I have about learning ANOTHER language, especially one in the United States. Speaking Southern isn’t simply about learning how to speak with a drawl, it is also about learning the various dialects and languages, that’s right – languages of the Southern United States.

In a fascinating blog from Dean’s World – Understanding Language, Dean explains that children who learn these “other” languages during their crucial childhood years, have trouble learning a new language that is drastically different in cadence and structure later on, especially when the teachers and others are disrespectful of their “native” language. He goes on to support and encourage the development of Eubonics as a recognized language in the United States in order to help teachers teach “perfect” English in schools.

Gives me a new perspective on this that I have to do some thinking about. The issue I guess I am most fascinated with is how Eubonics and other similar “inner city talk” languages evolved and what justifies them as a “language”. After all, I do see the state of California recognizing Eubonics as an official language, but I don’t see them embracing Valley Girl Talk. That’s the interesting part.
Mobile, Alabama

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