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Fixing WordPress Category Separators

After a bunch of searching, I found a way to create a separation between the categories under the title of each blog entry, following “Filed Under”. It is called a “category separator”.

Look in the index.php file for <?php the_category() ?> and in the parentheses, if there is nothing there, you can put something there. If there is, you can change it. Here are some examples:

<?php the_category(' <b>&#186;</b> ') ?> adds a bold º
<?php the_category(' &bull; ') ?> adds a •
<?php the_category(' &laquo; &raquo; ') ?> adds a « »
<?php the_category(' | ') ?> puts a pipe | in the middle
<?php the_category(', ') ?> puts a comma between the categories

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