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WordPress Plugin – Related Posts

There is a lot about WordPress and PHP that I’m still learning. I did my first PHP mySQL query today as part of the installation of Wasabi’s Related Posts WordPress Plugin. This is a truly AWESOME WordPress plugin. Unfortunately, the help file isn’t very helpful when it comes to explaining how to access your mySQL administration database area and then run the query that adds some columns to your post table…see, I can hardly understand what I’m writing, but I was able to run the query from the QUERY tab and pasting in the command to make the ALTER TABLE work. YEAH! I hope to be a PHP expert (let’s all laugh together) within the next six months, at least enough to have my site be PHP instead of static HTML.

This new related posts plugin adds the box you see below that lists links related to this blog entry. Somehow the php code examines the title and text of each of the posts and compares it to the current post, finding related words and phrases and then lists them. The default features only 5 links, but I changed that to 10. I also added the CSS presentation style to put the links in a pretty box. This I’m very good at – PHP is still under construction in my head.

I’ve been looking for something like this since I started this blog, so I’m thrilled and doing a little dance on Christmas day that I was actually able to do this. YEAH!!!

I also found Jai Bharat Patel’s Blog – One click backup of WordPress 1.2 files and database. I’ll have to take a look at how this works and give it a try. Anything to save time and trouble…if indeed this doesn’t cause more…..my luck.

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