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Talking Photography On the Internet – Emailed Newsletters

There is so much information now available on the Internet, it’s overwhelming. It’s sometimes hard to figure out where to start and how to manage all the information overload.

How would you like the information filtered down to the topics that interest you, and have that information delivered to your doorstep? Well, how about your email inbox? Sound good?

Email newsletters and alerts are great ways to stay informed on your favorite subject with easy convenience. These newsletters come into your box daily, weekly, monthly, or when critical information is available. Many news agencies, like CNN, are now offering “news alerts” sending out breaking news announcments. This way you can stay on top of the news without having the TV or Radio on all the time.

With terrorism and war on everyone’s mind, the US’s new Homeland Security department has put together a National Emergency Email Network to connect national and local agencies. At the site, you can sign up to receive free email alerts to your computer, cell phone, or pager from local and national government sources, alerting you to terror alerts, severe weather, local health emergencies, evacuations, and much more. It is confined to local US information designated by the county you list in your registration, but it does include alerts that may affect you on a national scale.

One of my favorite email newsletters comes from Kim Komando, US radio personality and computer expert. Her newsletters are stuffed full of great computer tips, technical advice, and techniques as well as virus alerts. She also includes mention of the latest digital software and cameras and other computer hardware and software. To keep up-to-date on what is happening in the computer world, for the average person, her newsletter is great.

We’ve gathered some email newsletters and alerts listing to help you stay up-to-date on some of your favorite nature photography, nature, wildlife, environment, ecological, and travel interests. If you would like to find out more about the many newsletters out there, search for “email newsletter” on the Internet. To sign up, visit the web site by clicking on the highlighted newsletter title, or send an email with the subscription phrase in the body and subject line but leave the rest of the email blank. Enjoy!


Aviary-list for Wild and Pet Birds Monthly Newsletter
aviary-list-subscribe@ topica.com
Bird_rba – National Birding Hotline Cooperative for Rare Bird
Alert Announcements
listserv@LISTSERV. ARIZONA.EDU, subscribe bird_rba

Digital Photography

Digitalpro – Digital Camera Announcements
digital_Pro-subscribe@ topica.email-publisher.com


CNENEWS Newsletter from the Climate Network Europe
cnenews-subscribe@ topica.com
Econet News – Weekly Digest List of Headlines and Alerts
econet-news-subscribe@ igc.topica.com

Environment Info and Issues

Earth Issues Newsletter
earthissues-subscribe@ topica.com
ENS-news – Environment News Service Daily International Newsfeed
Environmental Politics
mup-environmental- politics- subscribe@ topica.com
NNFP Forest Community News – Newsletter on Us Policies for Rural Forested Communities
nnfp-fcn-subscribe@ igc.topica.com
Sierra Club-action – Daily Newsletter on Politics and
Sprawl Watch – Newsletter Devoted to Urban Sprawl
Sprawl_Watch-subscribe@ topica.com

General Photography

Photo Club – Announcments about Photography Club Information and Resources
photo_club-subscribe@ topica.com
Photography Publication Information Newsletter
mup-photography- subscribe@topica.com
TTL Photography Club – Tips, Tricks, and Links Newsletter
ttl_photography_club- subscribe@topica.com


NPSnews – Newsletter Information & Releases about Us National Park Service
majordomo@www.nps. gov, subscribe npsnews

Nature Photography

Talamanca Open Photography Project – Announcements about Rainforest Conservation
TOPP-subscribe@ topica.com

Professional Photography News and Info

Art Deadlines List Monthly Newsletter
About Juried Exhibitions, Funding, Jobs, and Competitions for Writers/photographers
Stock Photo News from A-Z Fotos


Adobe Photoshop Roadmap Newsletter
Adobe Photoshop


About Camping Weekly Newsletter Guide
listserv@MCLIST. ABOUT.COM, subscribe camping
Outdoor Tips Newsletter for Family Newsletter
Outdoor Network Magazine – Email Alerts and News
Outdoor Network Magazine provides alerts and news regarding outdoor activities and action.


Salmon Safe – Announcements from the Pacific Rivers Council
salmon_safe-subscribe @topica.com

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