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Whew! It took a few long and hard months, but the new Taking Your Camera on the Road site is up and running. I’m sure there are still a few bugs, but we’re very proud of what we’ve done. All the great material is still here, with even more added. If you want to learn more about nature photography, the nature photography business, life on the road, and even taking your camera on the road, we have all the information you could want and more coming all the time. We also have information about web page design and development based upon the lessons we learned working on our site for almost 10 years. And if you want to know about us, what we’re doing, and our life on the road, we still have all that information.

We’ve kept the same basic eight categories to help you navigate the site. As just a reminder, here they are:

  • Doing: What are we doing? Where are we going, where have we been, what are we photographing and writing about, and all the information you could possibly want to know about what we are doing on the road.
  • Asking: The Asking Zone answers the questions we are often asked about life on the road and our work. People like knowing about our travels, life in Israel and how we live on the road.
  • Being: We call this section the “art of being” and discuss more of the philosophies of life like being on the road, being in love, being in life, and topics that motivate and help your lifestyle.
  • Going: This is the core for our Taking Your Camera on the Road educational information. We share the tips, tricks, and advice we wish we had learned about going on the road and taking your camera along.
  • Learning: The largest section of our site is the Learning Zone. This is where we provide the bulk of our educational articles on nature photography, photographic techniques, composition, equipment, business, and even information to help you with web pages and the Internet, since being a photographer today means being a computer whiz, too.
  • Living: The Living Zone covers the topics associated with living full-time on the road such as how to choose an RV, finding storage in your RV, planning to live full-time on the road, and related topics.
  • Telling: Oh, the stories we have to tell about life on the road…we’ve had some adventures, we’ve had fun, and we’ve had sad stories to share with everyone, so it you still want to keep up with our life on the road journal stories, visit the Telling Zone.

As we’ve made this latest huge leap forward in web page technology, we haven’t been alone in our efforts. Millions are discovering the power of WordPress, a PHP based database blogging software tool which has been growing in capability by leaps and bounds. I’ve modified it’s original intent a bit to use it as a CMS, Content Management System, to reproduce our website. The volunteers on the WordPress Support Forums, and the work of others who have gone before me to tackle similar projects, have guided me along this cliff jumping endeavor. Our thanks to all their hard work and help.

To give back in appreciation, we share the trials, tribulations and woes of our conversion in a new category in our Learning Zone called WordPress. In keeping with our website motto, we hope others will learn from our mistakes so they may go forth and make more of their own, so we openly share our screwups with the world.

Working with WordPress behind me, I will be able to update this site much faster and easier, concentrating more on content and less on the coding and programming behind what you see.

This is a lot of change in a few months, combined with all the changes in our own personal lives after moving back from Israel to the United States a few months ago. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned for a lot more information and great stories!

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