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Baen Free Library – Free Books Online

I now read almost all my books on my hand held computer. I can easily carry 10-50 books or more on it, and even move from book to book if I want, without the weight or struggle of hauling the actual books around. For a long time, though, finding books in digital form was challenging until I stumbled upon some sites with free books, or low priced downloads. I just found a new site.

Baen Free Library offers science fiction books and short stories for free. It even provides links to computer book reading software. Why? First, because of the honest belief that it will make them more money by hooking book buyers and book lovers. Second, because it’s great publicity. Third, because they want to snub the industry in the nose which has gotten out of control with acts against downloading music and books. All good enough reasons for me.

Anyway, enjoy!


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