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Know Before You Go: Links

As part of our ongoing series on “Know Before You Go” in our Taking Your Camera on the Road category, we provide these links and resources to help you know, before you go on the road traveling.

Information’s pretty thin stuff
unless mixed with experience.

Clarence Day

Governments, Embassies and Tourist Offices

If you have any problems or emergencies while in a foreign country, contact the nearest consulate or embassy representing your country. If you are traveling to a “third world” country or one with some travel risks involved, bring the embassy contact information with you, and leave a copy with friends and family, just in case.

Worldwide Conversions and Tools for the Traveler

Worldwide Maps

Health Shots and Vaccines

There is a lot you may need to know before your next traveling adventure to stay healthy on the road.

Government Health Resources

Travel and General Medical Advice and Information

Health Warnings and Alerts

Travel Gear

I admit it, I’m a travel gear addict. I absolutely love the latest and hottest travel anything. Slicko alarm clock/thermometer/barometer/timers, small sponge-like towels, collapsible water bottles, backpacks, fanny packs, sleeping bags, tents, you name it, I lust for it. So I have a lot of travel gear recommendations and ideas – some good, some just for fun – on our web site and here are some other resources for you to start building your own collection.

Staying in Touch on the Road – Travel Technology

There is a lot of technology available today to help the traveler travel easier and safer, and to help us stay in touch. We’ve included a variety of resources for finding Internet cafes and access points, mail forwarding services for long term travelers, travel communication resources, wireless networking information, and magazines and web sites to help you stay updated on the latest technology.

Internet Access

Travel Technology Information

WIFI, Bluetooth, Wireless

Travel Mail Services

No matter where you travel, if you are going to be on the road or in one far away place for long, the old fashioned method of communication, snail mail, may need to find you.

Travel Communications Gear

Planning Information, Research and Resources

The Internet is brimming with all kinds of travel deals, tips, advice, and information. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Take your time and check out a resource thoroughly before investing your money in their travel plans for you.

Travel Online Discussion Groups

Airline Deals and Discounts

There are thousands of web sites dedicated to getting you “the best deals” on air fare, and we can’t list them all here, but here are some for the major airlines featuring their online deals to help you get started. Most of these are for last minute or short notice flights and the latest listings are posted on the days of the week shown.

Travel Research – Guide Books

Travel Research – Other Sources

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