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New Airport Security Portal

While we are still gathering information on this, we thought we’d let you travelers know about a new “security portal” that maybe coming to an airport security check point near you soon.

In an almost non-statement statement and press release, Georal International/Dominion Group announces it’s received permission from the TSA and federal agencies for a new security portal for passengers at the security check points in airports. Let’s see if we can translate this.

The portal itself is a complete system that can be easily integrated with any biometric device…The Dominion Group Model 2DLV portals are made of steel and level 3 bullet resistive glass that has been certified by the US State Department for Ballistics and Forced Entry.

The outer leaf of the portal opens, they enter and it closes behind them. If any level of contraband is detected or is left in the chamber the portal will announce “Please exit, and re-enter”. If the security criteria are met, access is granted.

If any object is left in the chamber the residual weight is detected and the chamber recycles three times and then will lock, until security arrives or the item is removed.

Earlier versions of the portals currently are in place at the entrance to The US Justice Department in Washington DC. The portals cost around $68,000 and are a commercial off the shelf technology….

Basically, from what we understand and see on the company’s website, Georal International Products and Services, this thing is just a giant phone booth looking box that passengers and/or employees will pass through to be scanned and checked for potential terrorist stuff or contraband. We’re not sure if it is only for employees or will also be for passengers, since the information is limited. The key to these devices, unlike the current ones, is that people will be scanned and decisions made based upon that scan without someone standing over the device.

According to one model’s description, passengers enter through a sliding door “semicircular wing”. If no metal objects are detected, the first “wing” closes authomatically and the second door will open. If metal objects are detected, alarms will ring and a verbal or text message on a video screen will state a request to remove the metal objects.

After the person steps out of the chamber, it checks itself to make sure nothing is left behind by measuring its internal volume and weight. If nothing is detected, it clears its settings and is ready for the next person.

It also features “Anti-hostage protection” to stop two people passing through at once. There are protections to keep the doors from closing on someone too soon and internal battery back-up in case of a power failure and simultaneous opening of both door in the event of an emergency. Optionally, the customer (airport, we assume) can order internal hidden cameras and recording devices.

For employees with passes and badges, “The entrant uses any biometric device that has been previously been determined by the location’s security plan and requests entry.”

We assume that this portal will be for the humans and your carry-on luggage will continue to go through traditional scanning devices, but maybe this will speed up the process of getting through security. You still have to deal with all of those metal objects in your pockets, so be sure and empty the pockets before entering the booth. Some things just never change. ;-)

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