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Layover in Tulsa

My father and I have made it to Tulsa, Oklahoma, home of my in-laws, for a brief layover. With a day and a half spent with my father’s aunt and uncle near Palm Springs, California, a day with his step daughter in Phoenix, and a lot of driving, we’ve covered several thousand miles from Seattle on our way to Alabama. Unfortunately, our stay here will be quick as we still have more distance to cover.

Driving this Class C motor home, though one of the newer designs it is still 17 years old and had little done to keep it up and repaired over the past five years it sat in my father’s driveway, except for the odd trip when borrowed by myself or my brother. Considering, we’ve had only normal problems which I will go into details about later.

So we are making our way across the country, driving almost non-stop. Here at my inlaws, I’m mooching off a neighbor’s WIFI connection to post this, but we crossed Arizona, New Mexico, and the Texas panhandle with little or no radio stations let alone Internet connections. That’s a long way to go without my Internet fix.

The motor home is in the shop right now getting a new starter and we’re about to go retrieve it. So I’ll post more about all that is happening and how I haven’t killed my father yet, but I’m still thinking about it.

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