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Howard “Bud” West (1937-2006)

My father, Howard W. West, died a few days ago. There will be a memorial service Wednesday, October 25, 2006, from 6-8PM at Solie Funeral Home, 3301 Colby Avenue, Everett, Washington. Howard W. West Jr., was also known as “Bud” or “Howie” to his friends and family. Born April 20, 1937, to Faye Vaughn West […]

Meeting New Family in Michigan

I’ll be writing more about this soon, but I’m thrilled that my father and I were able to connect up with new family members in Michigan. Actually, they are “old” family members as they have always been there, but we’re just learning about them now. They are the decendents of the Farlin family which married […]

Ohio VanFossens – Michigan Wests and Farlins

My father and I made it to Alliance, Ohio, near the original homestead for the VanFossens, my husband’s family. We spent two days with one of his cousins and got a tour of the family homestead, VanFossen school, and the cemetery in Mechanictown, Ohio, filled with dead and buried VanFossens. We had a fantastic time […]

All We Want For Christmas is Nothing

“People just don’t understand.” So comments Brent as we try to explain to my father that we don’t want anything for Christmas. “Honestly, we don’t want anything.” Unfortunately, he, like everyone else, doesn’t understand that we really do not want anything for Christmas, or birthdays, or any other gift giving holiday. What you all don’t […]

Layover in Tulsa

My father and I have made it to Tulsa, Oklahoma, home of my in-laws, for a brief layover. With a day and a half spent with my father’s aunt and uncle near Palm Springs, California, a day with his step daughter in Phoenix, and a lot of driving, we’ve covered several thousand miles from Seattle […]