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My Mother is at it again – Eat Healthy

Okay, so my other is at it again. She sent me a link. No words, just a link. While I don’t usually check these out, for all the normal security and time-wasting reasons, I clicked this one.

Belly Bytes – The 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

And I found our shopping list. Honestly. Brent and I are huge fans of fruits and vegetables and we really were spoiled living in Israel eating the most incredibly delicious fruits and vegetables – if you are living in the US, you may think you know good fruits and vegetables, but trust me. You have no idea. – and this list of the 29 healthiest food represents our weekly shopping list. Wow.

It was fun to go down the list and see what good eating all these marvelous things are for us, but even more fun to know that this is how we eat already. Sorry, mom. Nice try. Too late.

Unfortunately, it also made me miss the fruits and vegetables in Israel. Our consumption of fruits and vegetables now that we’ve returned to the states sucks. And is very lacking. The fruits and vegetables here, for the most part, taste like cardboard and refrigerator truck.

On your next trip, remember this list of incredible and healthy fruits and vegetables (oh, and grains and other good things), and make sure you eat as much as you can, especially if you are leaving the comfort of refrigerator truck USA foods. Get some mouth-wateringly sweet mangos and cherry tomatoes that will rip your head off with pure freshness. Scoop into papaya the size of bowling balls and savor each sweet bite. Chomp on cucumbers whose skin is a delicacy rather than something to be scraped off. Oh, and until you have tasted fresh figs or lychee fresh off the tree, life isn’t complete.

I better stop. My mouth is watering.

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