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Vietnam Photographers Enjoy Online Social Networks

Vietnam News Service’s Linh Ha writes about how the “Net Gives Camera Bugs a New Playground”, highlighting the growing popularity of Vietnamese photographers and photo websites.

With the development of the Internet, more and more Vietnamese photographers, professional and amateur alike, now know better ways to share their hobby with others though online communities specifically for photography-lovers.

At first, “playing photos online” was just an idea tossed around between people who share the same hobby.

Today, there are about 20 Vietnamese websites about photography. Some of them run like online newspapers with photo galleries and comprehensive information sources about photography, such as: www.nghethuatnhiepanh.com; www.photoworld.com.vn; www.vnphoto.net; and www.photo.com.vn. There are also smaller forums on photography included big forums like Nghe Thuat Nhiep Anh (Photography Art) at www.ttvnol.com and www.hanoicorner.com.

Members of these forums vary from amateurs to professional photographers and journalists.

Photo.com.vn, which just came on-line a year ago, now has 5,000 members, the biggest number for Vietnamese websites on photography. Also quite new is www.photoworld.com.vn, which has attracted more than 2,000 members, including many famous professionals.

Many countries are taking advantage of access to the Internet to create online communities dedicated to their hobby and interests, and photography and the web go together like hand in glove. When the first online communities began a long time ago, I loved the social interaction they provided, giving me a chance to talk photography with other photographers. It led to online presentations, programs, and workshops, and a lot of new friends.

The article shares many tips and interests for online photo enthusiasts, including the joy of sharing photographs and information with each other. They are also taking their passion for photography offline with group trips and meetings as they connect with others in their community through these online forums and sites.

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