with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Photographing Old Antique Cars

I enjoy photographing man-made subjects from time to time and found myself with a lot of old cars in my files. Personally, I’m not a car fan. I don’t care what I’m driving, it’s merely transportation. If it gets me from point A to point B safely, I’m happy. So it’s odd that I would have a small inventory of antique car pictures, photographed from around the country and beyond.

When I stop to think about why I have these, I think it’s the patterns and shapes. I find grinning or growling faces in the front grills of these gasoline beasts. I like the reflections in the circular tire hub caps. I find eyes in the headlights. And I just like the patterns and shapes, the lines, textures, and shiny of this preserved relics of past transportation options.

This collection comes from the pitiful attempt at a home show after Hurricane Katrina in Mobile, Alabama. I went to look at new home features as we were starting to think about building our future home, and my father went along for the fun, finding great entertainment in the old cars. I’m not sure why there were featured at the home show, but with so little there, and so few people in attendance, it didn’t hurt.

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