with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Alligator Feeding Frenzy

Alligator feeding fenzy

It was feeding time at the Alligator Farm in Saint Augustine, Florida, and we were there to capture the excitement.

Brent slowed down the shutter speed a little and increased the depth of field by closing down the aperture to capture the blur of motion as the alligators spun and twisted over their meaty dinners thrown out by the alligator farm workers.

The sounds were terrifying, splashing, gnashing, and snapping. Body slam noises as they propelled themselves up and out of the water to strike at the food with all their powerful forces, smashing down their fellows as they all thrashed around after the food.

Brent shot a whole series of the feeding frenzy, and this is one that jumped out at us. It wasn’t important that we have any particular alligator in focus. We wanted the frenzy of motion. The few bits that are in focus help the viewer to understand what they are seeing, alligators feeding, but the rest is an artistic rendering of the forces at work as we watched.

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