with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

The Bridge Over La Conner, Washington

Bridge over La Conner, Washington, by Lorelle VanFossen

I’m a little uncomfortable sharing this photograph. My cousin, Don Lee, looks at this view daily. It’s his favorite in the world, right outside his home in La Conner, Washington. Helping him with his photography, I encouraged him to photograph it every day as a photo montage for a year. If you sat only a few minutes with him you would completely understand why I gave him the assignment as he speaks about the bridge, the river below, the town beyond, and Mt. Baker beyond that, like it’s a personal and intimate friend, with mood swings and attitude.

We were having a discussion about this very scene when the stormy weather shifted and the setting sun burst through with golden rays, turning the bridge the most brilliant shade of orange. I grabbed my camera and the two of us photographed this monument to man’s power to defy a river.

Don, I know my picture is humble. Your work is phenomenal and someday I hope you exhibit the entire year’s worth of pictures of the bridge across the channel to La Conner.

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