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Where the hell is Lorelle?

Like a game, Lorelle bounces around the world and the web. Here is a new listing of all the places where you can find Lorelle, and hopefully she will recover from speaking in third person soon.

Lorelle on WordPress: This is now considered my “main” site. It covers all things WordPress, blogging, web publishing, and social media.

Learning from Lorelle | Learning WordPress, blogging, social media, and web publishing: This is my teaching site where all my students go for the latest and best information on web publishing, WordPress, code, family history blogging, writing for the web, and more.

Blog Your Passion: This is a zen-like site dedicated to teaching you the basics of blogging and writing on the web. It features a simple How to Blog article series for beginners. Currently the site is in an innovative WordPress Theme called Duotone which changes the background color to complement the photograph in an article. It is used mostly by photographers so I’m pushing it beyond typical usage.

The Tech Nag: The Tech Nag is my place to expound upon the problems of technology, poor user interface, customer support, and general bitching about how miserable things are and how they can be improved.

Lorelle Writes: This is my personal online journal where I share my writings and lessons learned at various writing workshops and classes.

Family History | VanFossen, West, Anderson, Farlin, Knapp, Elwell, Disbrow and More: More than a hobby, I’m the family’s “official” genealogist and family history researcher. I share my family’s history and stories here.

I play around with many other sites, but these are currently the most active. Swing by and say hi!

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