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File Extensions: What program does this file belong to?

If you dig into your computer’s hard drive innards, the stuff and junk you may have stockpiled all over the hard drive, you may often encounter a file with an extension you do not recognize and want to know “what program does this file belong to?” FILExt – The File Extension Source is an online […]

CNET – Top 10 downloads of the past 10 years

Began in 1996, when we hit the road full time, C|net’s CNET Download offers free downloads of shareware and freeware applications. They are the largest source of such software products and continue to offer us some of the best programs through their online software distribution service. Their Top 10 Downloads for the Past 10 Years […]

Shareware and Freeware Software Programs

We survive using shareware and freeware software. Don’t you? You should. Shareware and freeware software are programs available for download from the Internet that are either cheap or free. Before you start shaking your head and think that this is some kind of advertising ploy, it isn’t. We have been using shareware and freeware software […]