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Chicken Tagine with Dates and Honey

I recently wrote about our favorite fresh fruit recipe and I’ve been asked to share more of our classic recipes. This one is from the Middle East, though some say it can also be found in India, called Chicken Tagine with Dates and Honey. Again, it comes from our favorite cookbook series, The Australian Women’s […]

The Best Fresh Fruit Recipe Ever

I’ve been feeding my father, who has been here in Alabama with us now for 3 months, some fabulous favorite recipes and I thought I’d share some with you that he thinks are the best. All of these recipes come from two sources, my favorite cookbooks. They are produced by the Australian Women’s Weekly Books […]

Making Brent Happy by Making Brent Make Ice Cream

As a reward for his new job in North Carolina 7 years ago, we splurged on a small ice cream maker for Brent. It slid right into our freezer with not a paper-width of room to spare. It made 4-6 small servings but that was plenty for us. Brent started right away experimenting. One of […]

Bears in the Kitchen – Chocolate Guide

Brent adores chocolate, especially in cookies, so it was a treat to find this “page” which is actually a full website’s worth of information on nothing but chocolate. The Bears in the Kitchen – Chocolate Guide covers much of the history of chocolate, especially the commercial development and expansion of chocolate products worldwide, and also […]