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Family Found – Heading Out of Wisconsin

I’m heading back to Seattle from Wisconsin tomorrow. My mother and I found a ton of family, both dead and alive, in Shawano, Brown, and other counties. I’m slowly starting to write about the trip on my new genealogy family history blog, so you can follow the adventures and our discoveries there. This has been […]

Heading to Wisconsin

I know I’ve been horribly absent here lately, but I’m still on the road. I left Alabama in March to return my father back to Seattle after a joyous interesting winter with us in the sunshine heat of the Gulf Coast. We traveled up through Ohio and across to Michigan and then to Washington State. […]

Meeting New Family in Michigan

I’ll be writing more about this soon, but I’m thrilled that my father and I were able to connect up with new family members in Michigan. Actually, they are “old” family members as they have always been there, but we’re just learning about them now. They are the decendents of the Farlin family which married […]

Ohio VanFossens – Michigan Wests and Farlins

My father and I made it to Alliance, Ohio, near the original homestead for the VanFossens, my husband’s family. We spent two days with one of his cousins and got a tour of the family homestead, VanFossen school, and the cemetery in Mechanictown, Ohio, filled with dead and buried VanFossens. We had a fantastic time […]

Lactose Intolerance Linked To Ancestral Environment

The things that scientist are finding that might help genealogists trace their family history! Wow. Lactose Intolerance Linked To Ancestral Environment. It seems that a new Cornell University study finds that it is primarily people “whose ancestors came from places where dairy herds could be raised safely and economically, such as in Europe, who have […]