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Heading to Wisconsin

I know I’ve been horribly absent here lately, but I’m still on the road. I left Alabama in March to return my father back to Seattle after a joyous interesting winter with us in the sunshine heat of the Gulf Coast. We traveled up through Ohio and across to Michigan and then to Washington State.

There, I rested for a bit and then my mother and I loaded up in my father’s small motor home and headed to Oregon to continue my quest for more genealogy and family history research.

We came back and I traveled a little more and did a lot more, did some consulting, and other work, and now, instead of heading home, my mother and I are on our way to Wisconsin to research her family tree.

I should be back in Alabama in the second or third week of July. We missed the first hurricane of the season, and hopefully we will miss the rest of them. We’ll see.

So stay tuned. I’ll have lots of wonderful stories to share with you once I stop moving so fast.

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