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The Future of Photography

In “Where the Photo Industry is Going in Five Years,” Chris Gampat talks about the future of photography. “The industry and the state of technology is evolving or developing so quickly I frankly cannot guess what will be five years from now. I am not certain if you’d asked me this during January 2014 I […]

The Visual History of the Nikon Camera

We’ve told you about a history of Nikon camera site, but now we’ve found a visual history of the evolution of the Nikon Camera. I’d love to have these photographs of every Nikon camera lead to a link about the story behind each camera, but it still is great to see how one camera body […]

The Future of Photography as predicted in 1944

I stumbled on this and was absolutely impressed. In 1944, Popular Photography asked nine professional photographers, the top in their field, what they thought was the future of photography. Looking back over the past sixty years of photography, many of them had it smack on, while others, well, they are still ahead of their time. […]

Early Visual Media

A unique historical “picture”, more like an online museum or exhibit, of photographic images of pre-cinema, optical toys, photography, early film, and what is known as “conjuring arts”, can be found at Early Visual Media: The History of Visual Media. This is a unique opportunity to really peep into the past through a historical perspective […]

Nikkor 35mm SLR Lens History, Terminology and Technology

We’ve been shooting Nikon and Canon alternately for a long time. Brent adores his Nikon and tollerates the Canon, and I tollerate Canon, but use it anyway. When I started in nature photography in 1975, there was little information available. Now it is overwhelming, and the Internet has expanded those resources. I was delighted to […]