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The Future of Photography

In “Where the Photo Industry is Going in Five Years,” Chris Gampat talks about the future of photography. “The industry and the state of technology is evolving or developing so quickly I frankly cannot guess what will be five years from now. I am not certain if you’d asked me this during January 2014 I […]

My Father Helps Me Fill in the Blanks of Our Story

In going through stacks of papers from my father’s home more than a year after his death, I found a manila envelope with my name on it. Inside were printed copies of emails I’d sent out in 1996 onward before we had an easily-updated website. When we left my father’s driveway in Marysville, Washington, I […]

Time Counts

I’ve been helping Noah Weiss with his WordPress.com site and found his article on countdowns triggered a memory for me. There are many forms of countdowns in our lives. Counting down as a warning, to prepare for launch, to time a game. There are also many ways to count up, counting to ten to control […]

Russia from the turn of the century in color

The blog, Damn Interesting, offers “Color Photos From the World War I Era”, a fascinating look back in time to some of the first color photographs preserved for all time. Color film was non-existent in 1909 Russia, yet in that year a photographer named Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii embarked on a photographic survey of his homeland […]

Early Visual Media

A unique historical “picture”, more like an online museum or exhibit, of photographic images of pre-cinema, optical toys, photography, early film, and what is known as “conjuring arts”, can be found at Early Visual Media: The History of Visual Media. This is a unique opportunity to really peep into the past through a historical perspective […]

Alan Dean Foster and Research To Investigate Links Between Ancient Greeks And Modern Science Fiction

As a long time fan of science fiction writing and books, I was thrilled to find this article in Science Daily, Research To Investigate Links Between Ancient Greeks And Modern Science Fiction. According to the article: There is a long tradition of fantasy in Greek literature that begins with Odysseus’ fantastic travels in Homer’s Odyssey. […]

Three Weeks After the Terror of September 11, 2001

It has been interesting to watch how people are handling the tragedy of September 11, 2001. I’m not in the United States, so I can only assume what it is like for those there. Here in Israel, it has been rather fascinating. From amid the horror and agony of watching the events of unnecessary terror […]