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Hitchhiking to All 50 US State Capitals

BloggingPro pointed out a blog about two guys, Scotty and Fiddy, who have set a goal to hitchhike to all 50 US state capitals in 50 consecutive days. Their site is Hitch50.com. It’s official. Hitch 50 begins Tuesday, October 10th at 10:00 AM Eastern time. We will be in Times Square hitchin’ to New York’s […]

Heading North via The Smoky Mountains

My father and I are heading out for the north tomorrow morning. I leave behind the two cats to take care of my husband and my husband to…okay, so the cats will take care of him and he can take care of himself. ;-) The plan so far, though subject to massive change due to […]

Our First Fourth of July

I didn’t realize until yesterday that Brent and I haven’t celebrated or been near a July 4th Independence day celebration in over five years. We didn’t even know where the celebrations were going to happen around here in Mobile, Alabama. I asked Brent if he’d heard anything at work and he said, no, nothing except […]