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Heading North via The Smoky Mountains

My father and I are heading out for the north tomorrow morning. I leave behind the two cats to take care of my husband and my husband to…okay, so the cats will take care of him and he can take care of himself. ;-) The plan so far, though subject to massive change due to […]

Mount Everest Shrinks 12 Feet

Time to change your trivia contest facts about Mount Everest. It’s shrunk. But only by 12 feet (3.658 meters). According to Benjamin Robertson in the Scotsman News, “Mount Everest shrinks by 12 feet”. MOUNT Everest is about 12ft lower than previously thought, according to the results of a Chinese survey of the world’s highest peak. […]

Meeting a Moose: Head On – Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Alongside the Ice Fields Parkway between Banff and Jasper National Parks lies unique natural depository of pink boulders. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Out in the middle of nowhere: Pink boulders. Seems a passing glacier carrying these huge boulders from one place to another, and decided to drop its load. They sit out in the middle […]