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About Brent’s New Job

Brent is on such an ego high, he is near impossible to live with. Okay, not completely, but he could be. Within about an hour’s time and 15 minutes work, he had a new job. Ain’t that cool. So nice to be in demand. Seems that someone he used to work with at Timco in North Carolina left that company and started his own in Mobile, Alabama, just after Brent and I left for Israel. He kept telling people who knew Brent to tell him (if they saw or talked to him) that if Brent wanted a job, he’d have one waiting. When Brent ran into him at one of his engineering conferences in the states, he repeated it directly to Brent. When Brent went through the job possibilities, keeping in mind that he really needed to stay near to the east coast of the US in order to continue with his program of FAA certification, he thought of Mobile, Alabama.

He emailed Wayne to check on him and see how things were going after the horrible hurricane season. Wayne said again that if Brent was looking for work, he was wanted there. So Brent emailed him explaining the job in Israel was over and SNAP! Brent had a job. Ain’t life good.

The company works on commercial airplanes doing all kinds of repair and maintenance work, including development of new upgrades and systems. They recently were awarded a contract to put high speed internet on a bunch of airplanes so people can surf the web through satellites as they fly. Ain’t that awesome technology? Brent is thrilled at the chance to work on some new projects. He’s been working the passenger-to-cargo modifications for seven years now and is ready for a new challenge. They are going to help him finish his DER as well. YEAH.

And if that isn’t enough, there is more to tell.

While we were having a last go of it in Jerusalem yesterday, our friends from the states, Al and Jo, stopped off at the bathroom while we waited outside. The phone rang and a man asked for Brent. I handed him my cell phone and within a few minutes Brent was cooing and ooing and sighing. I finally figured out what it was all about and fell back on the ground in the middle of the ancient Roman Cardo Street of the Old City in hysterics. Here we were in the most “holiest” and oldest city in the world getting a job offer from a guy in Arizona who wants Brent to be in China by November 8 for two to three weeks on a project and then to Singapore in December for three months with trips back to China to keep the China project going. And the kicker is that this guy is a subcontractor for the man Brent has already taken a job from.

Too hysterical. Surreal. This is the kind of thing that happens to OTHER people in books and movies. I couldn’t stop laughing it was so bizarre. Anyway, Brent is pretty sure that he will not take that job no matter how awesome it looks like (his best friend is in China working on the same related project (we just saw him a week ago before he went back) and Singapore is one of the few Asian places on our MUST GO list) so he can get his DER certification DONE and back on track. Then we can take any job we want. He only has until April to convince the guy he is a MUST candidate. Sure, he is taking the smarter road, but isn’t that a dream thing to have happen????

It took me a while to wipe the tears away and get off the road. Incredible. It does give Brent a great ego boost and gives us another taste of what our life will be like in the future. I can live like this.

Off to do more packing!

Tel Aviv, Israel

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