with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Preparing to Leave Israel

Well, the news is out and it is final. We are indeed finally leaving Israel after 5 years of a six month job. We are heading…get out the drum roll please!….to…..are you ready…..Mobile, Alabama. Can you say “southern”?

Okay, so I’m not totally happy about the location but we’re committed. Or should be. The job here in Israel was winding down and we were ready for a change, so while the company handled the dismissal abysmally, we’ve been anticipating this. So after two months playing and Brent attending guitar workshops and festivals and training programs at Boeing, within an hour of emails and phone calls he had a new job. He’s very excited about it and I’ll have plenty of news about it coming soon.

The movers are coming on November 4, Thursday, to strip the apartment down to its original furnishings, plus a few pieces we’re leaving behind, and we’re off like a turd of hurtles to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to pick up (and fix up) the truck and trailer and head to Moh-beeeel, Al-ah-bah-mah. Oh, dear, I’m going to have to learn another language again.

Brent’s mother is thrilled to no end because we will be in Tulsa for the very rare event of a family reunion for Thanksgiving, and then off down the dreaded Interstates 10 or 20 (oh, my back!) to Mobile.
We should be out of Israel by November 10, if not sooner.

I’ll have more details on everything, so stay tuned!

Tel Aviv, Israel

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