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Surgery on Both Parents

My mother decided to blow her back out with her overactive life style and has been in terrible pain battling the results over the past 10 months. She has three blown or damaged discs in her back and has now relented to have back surgery, after trying EVERYTHING else to avoid it. From my understanding about the surgery, the risks are very low and the results should be great.

The surgery was a week ago and she was up and walking around less than two hours after the surgery. Amazing. But then she got really sick and started itching and a few hours later found out that the hospital had blatantly been giving her morphine via drip. She thought it was some saline fluids or something. It was written across the top of her chart in huge letters and then highlighted “ALLERGIC TO MORPHINE AND PAIN KILLERS” and she and her husband checked it out before the surgery. So they took out the morphine and gave her pain killers. She thought they were sleeping pills. The next morning, sick as a dog, she discovered that they had been continuing to poison her and ordered all the treatment to be stopped. Instead of going home that same day, she spent four days in the hospital and is taking a very long time to recover from the allergic reaction. The surgery recovery is nothing, but her immune system is shot to hell. Buggers.

Her mother and I are also allergic to morphine, in fact anything with an “ine” at the end, so I don’t know what to do in the future for me but maybe have “ALLERGIC TO PAIN MEDICATION” tatooed on my arms. I’d really hate that, but how can you avoid this kind of crap in the future?

My dad also had surgery on a tumor on his neck that turned out to be a nothing – fibroid thing. The same fibroid ickies I inherited from him. Damn the gene pool. He’s doing much better and is off camping in his motorhome right now. Glad he is out and about. So both are doing fine, as expected. And they both did it without me there to take care of them. Maybe my parents are finally growing up.

Hee hee.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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