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Counting Up the Cost of Moving, Part 1

Okay, so far we have spent USD $660 for shipping 12 boxes of critical stuff. We’ve bought several batches of bubble wrap, probably totally around $50 worth and we will need some more before this is over. We also have gone through about six rolls of packing tape, at probably $3 a roll which adds another $18. Small change but I’m trying to keep track.

On a different note, I’ve just started using WordPress to handle and maintain this blog and it isn’t even public yet (will be within a couple of days) and already I have over 50 spammed comments. The whole point of using WordPress was to make the process easier and allow people to comment on these posts and the site in general. It’s not public and its already being abused. I’m learning right now how to stop this by using some plug-ins and I’ll supply the list and information when I get a better handle on it.

Nothing like doing too many things at once.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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