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10 Bad Project Warning Signs

We’ve written a lot of articles about the business of nature photography and photography in general, helping people move photography from a hobby to a profession.

One aspect we’ve only lightly touched in our article on Hiring Yourself, there is a lot more involved when it comes to becoming a freelance photographer working under contract. And a lot to learn.

Andy Budd’s 10 Bad Project Warning Signs is a great article for the freelancer or beginning freelancer.

One of the great things about being a freelance web designer is the ability to turn down projects. I’ve come across a few projects recently that sounded interesting but made me feel nervous. It wasn’t any one specific thing; rather a series of small little things that set my internal alarm bells ringing. As such I’ve written up a list of bad project warning signs. Individually none of these signs should be deal breakers. However put a few of them together and it may be worth thinking twice about taking on that project.

The ten things are a must read. Check it out.

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