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Books on the Business of Writing

If you are a writer and photographer, you have a more complicated job. You not only have to learn about the business of photography, you have to learn about the business of writing. Here are some books we recommend to help you handle the business end of writing.

The Writers Market

If you are serious about writing, this is a serious book to get. A directory similar to their Photographer’s Market, this is a yellow pages style listing of writer’s guides and want lists from the huge and diverse writer’s marketplace. It covers all forms of writing for sale such as poetry, business and technical reports, novels, short stories, and magazines of every genre imaginable. Scattered throughout are essays and tips to guide you in your professional writing, helping with marketing, negociations, and promotions. This is not a “how to” but a vast directory of potential clients.

Legal Stuff for Writers

Writing is as much a business as any other. There is paperwork, insurance, business plans, taxes, and all the joys that come with running any other kind of business. You also need to consider whether or not to incorporate and deal with all those copyright laws and protections. Get the business part of your writing cleared up with these legal-oriented books.


Selling and Marketing Your Writing

A large part of writing is the business of selling and marketing your writing. Trust us, people will not flock to your door because you have a website or blog and you write pretty things. They come to you because you promote yourself and market your work thoroughly and consistently, building a reputation and resume along the way. Here are some of our recommended books to get you into the sales person mode to market and sell your writing.


Things Writers Need to Know About the Business of Writing


Writing Guides and References

Should I use a comma or semi-colon? How should dialog be handled in an editorial article? How can I write this better? How can I improve my writing in general? Part of writing is learning to write better. It doesn’t happen overnight or with a few classes. It happens by studying the language, reading, and learning how to make the words come together and flow. It is about learning rhythm and tone and telling a story. These are some of the books we recommend to help guide you through the writing process.


General Writing Techniques

Writing for a magazine is different from writing a book which is different than writing travel articles which is different than writing children’s books. There are many different ways to write for different mediums and depending upon your interest and focus and writing style, here are some books we recommend targeted to help you learn about the various writing techniques.


Magazines for Writing and Writers

One of our specialities is writing for magazines. It’s a very specialized type of writing and it changes from magazine to magazine, matching your voice to the general style and voice of the magazine and publication. There are many books that will help writers write for the editorial or magazine market, and here are a few of our recommendations.


Nature Writing

As nature photographers who write editorial articles on nature, travel, and photography, the art of writing about nature is one we enjoy studying. There aren’t many books that delve into the art of nature writing, but here are some of the ones we recommend to help you write about nature.


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