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Computer on the Road – Cooling Your Computer

For the most part, taking a laptop on the road is much easier than taking a desktop, but there are still many who want to take their desktop on the road with them. I’ll be talking more about how to do this, and how to protect your computer on the road, but I wanted to bring this interesting article on Cooling your Computer from A True Review.

It lists over a dozen things to consider about where the heat is on a computer and how to control the temperature as well as how to keep it cool. For example, the hottest components in your computer are the CPU, video card, chipset controller on the motherboard, RAM, SCSI controller cards, power supplies, CD/DVD readers and writers, and other controller cards and hardware.

As you plan your “portable” desktop computer, how it is placed in your rig, protected and stablized, air temperature, air flow, air constriction and restriction need to be taken into consideration.

The article continues with recommendations on how to make a cool computer case, or improve the one you have, all good recommendations.

Stay tuned for more information on taking your computer on the road.

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