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Freezing a Failed Hard Drive, I guess it works

Having suffered through seven (or is it now 9, can’t remember) hard drive crashes in the past year, I was intrigued by this article by Geeks Are Sexy about freezing your hard drive to recover data. I, too, had heard about this technique over the years, and while it kind of makes sense, I passed […]

Computer on the Road – Cooling Your Computer

For the most part, taking a laptop on the road is much easier than taking a desktop, but there are still many who want to take their desktop on the road with them. I’ll be talking more about how to do this, and how to protect your computer on the road, but I wanted to […]

Restoration Saves My Butt

I know there are a lot of reasons to hate Microsoft and Microsoft products. Having worked for them at one time, I know that there is more heart behind what they do than most people believe. And I worked in the legal department. Trust me, it’s always easier to blame than to understand. BUT, there […]