with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Happy Ramahanukwanzaamas!

Happy Ramahanukawanzaamas!

We heard this greeting on the radio in Seattle a few days ago and Brent has been saying it to everyone. It is Happy Ramadan, Happy Hanuka, Happy Kawanzaas, and Happy Christmas all wrapped up into one word.

We have just returned to Alabama from a very cold and snowy week in Seattle where we skied, snow mobiled, and played in the snow, a dream come true. It was a very busy week, most of it spent in Leavenworth over in Eastern Washington. I’ll have more to tell you on that later.

We’ve had an incredibly busy last three months and we’re barely caught up with our own life let alone all the things we needed to do for the holidays. So for now, Happy Ramahanukawanzaamas!

Lorelle and Brent and Kohav and Holiday (our new furry addition to our family)

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