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The Mystery of the Stargate Coasters and the Pears

This is a story about the mystery of the Stargate Coasters and the pears. The story begins with Stargate episodes on Amazon.com. It probably begins further back, but that is where I will start. I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the first time in my life. My mother, once a chronic insomniac, continues to be […]

Happy Ramahanukwanzaamas!

Happy Ramahanukawanzaamas! We heard this greeting on the radio in Seattle a few days ago and Brent has been saying it to everyone. It is Happy Ramadan, Happy Hanuka, Happy Kawanzaas, and Happy Christmas all wrapped up into one word. We have just returned to Alabama from a very cold and snowy week in Seattle […]

All We Want For Christmas is Nothing

“People just don’t understand.” So comments Brent as we try to explain to my father that we don’t want anything for Christmas. “Honestly, we don’t want anything.” Unfortunately, he, like everyone else, doesn’t understand that we really do not want anything for Christmas, or birthdays, or any other gift giving holiday. What you all don’t […]