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Snow on the Road

I love driving in the snow. Yeah, I know that most people freak out, but I’ve always been calm and cool when driving in winter conditions, even extreme. I know what I’m doing and I have total confidence in my abilities. What I don’t have confidence in are the other people. I was thrilled when […]

The Littles: Minature Donkeys in Snow

Living at the farm in Gaston, Oregon, our lives revolved around the animals. Every morning I was greeted with honks and haws from the four Littles, a family of miniature donkeys. Owned and managed (okay, their food slave) by Leslie, mom, dad, and two children were the rock stars of the farm. Karina was the […]

Behind the Scenes: Lacy Trees in Winter

Winter is one of my favorites, and trees coated in snow is top of the list. I captured these ancient trees along the pond at the farm in Gaston, Oregon, where we stayed the first two years back in the Pacific Northwest. Their twisted and gnarled branches were perfect for creating a lacy effect with […]

Creating Snow Sculptures Again

Here’s an interesting tidbit few people know about Lorelle. She creates great snow sculptures. Indeed, I do. I have a long history of creating fun snow sculptures. When I was young, my mother would travel every November around her birthday to a warmer climate. She’d head for Hawaii, Mexico, Arizona, anywhere but the cold Pacific […]

Snowbound in Spearfish, South Dakota

My father is desperate now to get home. There is only so fast I can drive, and he is unwilling to take a plane to get home faster. Long story. So I’m now driving almost non-stop, averaging 10-14 hours a day of driving with barely a rest for lunch and cooling the engine of this […]

Happy Ramahanukwanzaamas!

Happy Ramahanukawanzaamas! We heard this greeting on the radio in Seattle a few days ago and Brent has been saying it to everyone. It is Happy Ramadan, Happy Hanuka, Happy Kawanzaas, and Happy Christmas all wrapped up into one word. We have just returned to Alabama from a very cold and snowy week in Seattle […]

Lorelle is Wearing Socks

Yes! Lorelle is wearing socks. This might not seem like a monumental event for you, but for those who know me, this is unprecedented. I put on socks this morning and did a little dance around our trailer singing, “I’m wearing socks. I’m wearing saw-awks. I’m weeeeee-ring sock-sock-sock-sock-socks!” The only thing that kept Hurricane Wilma […]