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Freezing a Failed Hard Drive, I guess it works

Having suffered through seven (or is it now 9, can’t remember) hard drive crashes in the past year, I was intrigued by this article by Geeks Are Sexy about freezing your hard drive to recover data.

I, too, had heard about this technique over the years, and while it kind of makes sense, I passed it off as one of those dumb myths that get passed around a lot. Well, maybe I was wrong.

After this, I shoved it in the freezer, and waited an hour.

I finally installed it back in the computer, closed the case, and pushed on the power button.

YES! it works, the computer is starting correctly! Unfortunately, after I logged in, Windows froze and I wasn’t able to do anything. I tried rebooting, and….Well, at least the hard disk spinned for about 2 minutes before crashing again. Maybe that’s not long enough to let me recover any data, but it worked for a little while. :)

In the comments, there are a lot of other recommendations and admissions that this has worked for other sufferers of hard drive crashes. I’ll have to try it next time…pray there is no next time.

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